The Backyard Living Expo is proud to support Raising the Roof.

You too can make a difference and help support this local charity through a number of ways at the expo!  

Stay tuned for more information or click on the link below and make a difference today!



About Raising the Roof
Raising the Roof provides national leadership on long-term solutions to homelessness through partnership and collaboration with diverse stakeholders, investment in local communities, and public education.
Since our beginning in 1996, we have brought national attention to the issue of homelessness through programs that are focused on:
  • raising awareness and understanding of the issue of homelessness,
  • identifying barriers and solutions to the issue,
  • providing tools and resources for those who work to alleviate homelessness,
  • encouraging networking and sharing of best practices,
  • and engaging individuals, communities and the private sector in solutions.


For more information about Raising the Roof, visit: