Exhibitor Kit

Exhibitor Kit

Backyard Living Expo
April 3, 4 & 5, 2020
The International Centre, Hall 5
6900 Airport Rd. Mississauga, ON. L4V 1E8

Below you will find links to all the information you require for participation in the show including deadlines, important dates, insurance regulations and FAQ’s.

We have provided a checklist which indicates the due dates to receive discounts set forth by the suppliers to maximize savings.

Additionally, we have included some marketing options to enhance your presence at the show and bring added exposure to your brand.

Please avoid last minute surprises and read all the sections to learn everything you need to know to participate at the Backyard Living Expo.

The Show Office will be set up at The International Centre, on Thursday April 2nd at 8 am and management will be available to assist you during the three days of Expo.

Manual Quick Links

General Information:

The Expo is held at The International Centre in Hall 5.

6900 Airport Rd, Mississauga, ON L4V 1E8

Show Hours for the General Public:

Friday, April 3, 2020 12:00pm to 8:00pm
Saturday, April 4, 2020 10:00am to 7:00pm
Sunday, April 5, 2020 10:00am to 5:00pm

What’s Included & NOT Included with booth space:


Your booth space draped and perimeter marked

Company name/logo listed on the show website

Company name and website in the Show Guide (must be registered prior to February 20, 2020)

5 exhibitor badges (booths under 400 sq.ft.) or 10 exhibitor badges (booths 400 sq.ft. or more)

NOT INCLUDED – Order forms available below

Electricity – The online ordering site for exhibitors is live and is ready to begin accepting orders immediately.  Exhibitors will need to create a username & password for themselves before placing an order online.  The direct link to the site is here.

Telephone and internet service –There is complimentary wifi in the lobby, but not inside the hall. If you require internet inside the hall, below is a link to the Exhibitor Internet/Telephone Order Form: http://www.internationalcentre.com/site_Files/Content/pdfs/forms-guidelines/Telecom_Order_Form-2017.pdf

Carpet, furniture, shipping of materials, advance storage of materials (Stronco Order Form)

Booth Cleaning (Order Form)

Height & Booth Restrictions:

Exhibitors are provided with a standard 8’ high draped exhibit back wall (black), and 3’ high draped dividers for the sides of their spaces.

The maximum height for the back of an exhibitor’s display, including signage, is 8 feet.

All exposed areas must be finished to the satisfaction of show management.

All exhibit material and personnel must remain within their allocated space as contracted

Move-In and Move- Out Details

Thursday, April 2, 2020
9:00 am – 7:00 pm

Move- Out:
Sunday, April 5 2020
5:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Move-In Details

Exhibitor shipments and courier packages delivered to The International Centre will be accepted at the Loading Dock by MSP between 9 AM and 5 PM on Thursday April 2, 2020 (subject to certain conditions – see below).

The Show will take place in HALL 5 of The International Centre. Access to HALL 5 can be found off of Airport Road, otherwise know as Northwest Drive.

All move-in (and subsequent move-out) must be done through Loading Docks 65,66,67,68,69,70,71,72.

A Backyard Living Expo Show staff member will be at these doors and will be able to direct you to your booth location. Dollies (free of charge) will also be available in this area.

All goods shipped to the show must be prepaid and clearly marked with the name of the exhibitor, contact name and booth number. No collect shipments will be accepted. MSP cannot assume responsibility for loss or damage to goods shipped to the centre.

Shipments, products and/or bulky courier items will NOT be accepted by The International Centre before the move-in date. The International Centre will refuse early shipments at the shipper’s expense. If you want to ship items to arrive in Mississauga before the Thursday move-in, please arrange this with Stronco Show Services (800-665-2621).

Move-Out Details

In order to minimize congestion during move-out, all exhibitors will be required to disassemble their booth completely before taking dollies or bringing trucks to the dock.

Once booths are disassembled, exhibitors must request a move-out slip from MSP. This will be required to bring trucks to the docks.

At show closing, all aisle carpets will be removed. All exhibitors must wait until carpet aisles are removed before bringing dollies to their booths.

Your help in keeping aisles free of material would be appreciated and will ensure a speedy move-out.

Parking, Security & Soliciting:


Free parking on-site is available throughout the show for exhibitors and visitors.

There will be designated accessible parking available to visitors in front of Hall 5


The exhibit halls will be secured and locked every night on closing. It takes approximately 10 minutes to clear the hall of customers. Do not leave your booth unattended and open to theft.

For the security of your goods, we suggest you stay in your booth until 10 minutes after the show closes. You must vacate the halls no later than a half-hour after closing each show night.

Exhibitor property remains exclusively the exhibitor’s responsibility. MSP cannot assume responsibility for any loss or damage to exhibitor’s property.

MSP will have a full-time security officer on-site, day and night, from Thursday, April 2 from 9pm to Sunday April 5 to 11pm.

If your booth requires additional security, please contact Tone-Gar Security Services.


Soliciting of business and distribution of samples, souvenirs, and literature (including promotions by costumed personnel) must be confined to your exhibit space only.

It is not permitted in the aisles, in other exhibitors’ booths, at any building entrance/exit, or anywhere on the grounds of the event, including the parking area (car windshields) without show management authorization.

Insurance Requirements:

Mandatory for all exhibitors

Insurance must be provided before move-in begins. Exhibitors who fail to provide proof of insurance will be denied access to the event.

As you may know, as an exhibitor participating in a show, you must have adequate Liability Insurance with a minimum $2,000,000 limit to protect the Exhibitors, the attending public, the show organizer and yourself.

Our insurance policy does not extend coverage to any exhibits and requires you to submit a Certificate of Insurance upon receipt of the exhibitor’s manual.

There are (2) ways to arrange the required Insurance:


Maple Show Productions Inc. appointed Exhibitor Insurance.com as the recommended Insurance contractor for exhibitors. Click here to purchase directly on-line.

For additional information, please contact:

Administered by Brokers Trust Insurance Group Inc.
434 North Rivermede Rd., Ste. 3
Concord, ON L4K 3M9
Tel: 905-695-2971, ext. 105 or 1-866-836-9066
Fax: 905-760-2260


  • Contact your own Insurance Company, request a certificate of Insurance with the following requirements below:
  • Maple Show Productions Ltd. listed as an additional insured.
  • Dates of the show: April 3-5, 2020 (includes move in and out dates)
  • Comprehensive General Liability of $2,000,000
  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability subject to a maximum $1,000 Deductible.
  • Products and Completed Operations Liability
  • Contingent Employers Liability
  • Broad form Property Damage
  • Cross Liability clause
  • Severability of Interest Clause

Your understanding and compliance with this requirement is greatly appreciated and we thank you for your effort in ensuring the well being of everyone.

Electrical/Mechanical and Rigging Services

Electricity is NOT provided with your space. If you require electricity it must be ordered from Showtech Power & Lighting

Banners or signage made of flame retardant materials may be suspended in approved locations exclusively by FES. FES requires advance notice of the number and size of signs or banners to be hung, as well as intended locations. Banners may not be placed on the outside of the facility.

The online ordering site for exhibitors is live and is ready to begin accepting orders immediately.  Exhibitors will need to create a username & password for themselves before placing an order online. The direct link to the site is here.

Service Contractor for Furniture & Display Rental – Show Decorator

Stronco is the official service contractor for the Backyard Living Expo providing the following products and services:

  • Display Tables & Drapery
  • Counters, Storage & Display Units
  • Accessories & Office Furnishing
  • Chairs, Stools, Tables, Sofas
  • Exhibit Rentals
  • Installation & Dismantling Labour
  • Carpet & Underpadding
  • Signs & Graphics
  • Material Handling Services
  • Advance Show Receiving
  • Transportation Services
  • Customs Brokerage Services

Tables, chairs, signage and floor covering are not provided with your space.

You are obliged to cover the floor within your exhibit space and can do so through the services of the display contractor, Stronco, or bring your own floor covering.

Be sure to review the Stronco catalogue to see if there are items you would like to rent in order to make your booth as inviting as possible!

Stronco Catalogue is a downloadable PDF found here

The show code for the 2020 Backyard Living Expo: 505174232

To place online orders you will be required to enter your Show Code and Booth Number.

If you have not registered on Stronco’s online ordering system before, you must complete the registration process. Once you have registered your information in  the Online Ordering System you will not be required to register again to place online orders for future events serviced by Stronco.

If you need assistance with our online ordering system, please contact our Exhibitor Services Centre at 800-665-2621.

Telephone and Internet

There is complimentary wifi in the lobby, but not inside the hall. If you require internet inside the hall, below is a link to the Exhibitor Internet/Telephone Order Form:


Audio Visual Services

Arrangements for all audio-visual requirements can be made directly with show management.

Exhibitors are free to rent from any other supplier.

Name Badges:

Each exhibitor will receive the following quantity of badges:

200 sq. ft. or less – 4 Badges

201 – 500 sq. ft -8 Badges

500 + sq. ft.- 12 Badges

Badges are to be picked up at the show office during move-in. It is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to arrange for the distribution of badges among their employees.

Please note that badges may be left at the Show Office for pick-up during show hours.

If you lose or forget your badge, you will be required to purchase a new badge at $8.00 each.

If you do not submit your badge names by February 20, 2020, you will be issued your allotted exhibitor badges with your company name only.

Badge names can be submitted by completing this form.

Food Sampling at the Expo

Free sampling of food and/or beverage distribution within an exhibitor’s own booth, must adhere to the regulations set forth by the facility and is only permitted with approval by Show Management and The International Centre.

*FORM TO COMPLETE: If you plan to sample or distribute any food or beverages, please contact Show Management and complete the form found here: https://www.peelregion.ca/health/environnew/forms/vendor-info-form.asp

Here are the Food Safety Guidelines for Special Events for your reference:


Any violations of the health code may result in the immediate termination of food services by Region of Peel.

Food and beverage services for your booth can be arranged directly with the food and beverage team from The International Centre with:

Contact: Melissa Paul, Phone: 905.678.5627 Fax: 905.678.4681 Email: mpaul@internationalcentre.com

Booth Cleaning

Booth cleaning services are available through Caldas Building Services for a fee. The services include vacuuming and garbage pick-up. If you are interested in booth cleaning you can contact the Caldas team directly at:

Contact: Roy Henriques Phone: 905.672.2304 Fax: 905.672.5670 Email: info@caldas.ca

Or fill out this Form

Additional Information from Caldas regarding floor tape and recycling at The International Centre


We would like to take this opportunity to remind all exhibitors that carpet that is installed by an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (other than the Official Show Contractor), that it is your responsibility to remove any flooring adhesive/residue (namely carpet tape) that is use at the end of the show. We suggest using what the professionals use, double-sided cloth tape. Have you ever noticed how easily the aisle carpet is removed at the end of the show? The Official Show Contractor use only double-sided cloth carpet tape for their set up and for the aisle carpet.

Benefits of double-sided cloth carpet tape:

  • Strong holding power
  • Adheres well to a variety of surfaces
  • Removes cleanly after aging
  • Improves overall productivity.

Caldas Building Services now offers double-sided cloth tape for sale. Our office is located Hall # 1. 36mm x 55m (1 ½ ” x 108’) Roll $17.00 per roll Caldas Building Services does not recommend the use of packaging tape, duct tape, general-purpose carpet tape or double-sided foam tape.

Once again this notice is a reminder to the exhibitor that it is your responsibility to remove any and all flooring adhesive/residue that is used. Any flooring adhesive/residue left behind will be removed by Caldas Building Services, with removal charges billed directly to Show Management at a cost of $2.00 a linear foot which they will in turn charge the offending exhibitors. To avoid being billed for floor adhesive/residue removal please use the recommended cloth tape, or ensure that your choice of flooring adhesive is completely removed during tear down of the show.

International Centre has now implemented a recycling program. We ask for your support by separating your cardboard from the rest of the garbage. Cleaners will be going around each aisle picking up the garbage and cardboard. By having it already separated will help us get the aisles cleared out faster and make it easier for exhibitor to move in. We would like to thank you in advance for your contribution in our recycling program.

Alcohol Vendors

Our number one concern is for the safety of our attendees, vendors and staff so it is within your rights as servers to refuse sampling to anyone who appears intoxicated.

Please advise security or show staff management immediately if you find anyone who appears to be intoxicated.

Please contact show management directly to obtain our manual which contains the standard guidelines when participating in a consumer event.

Ice Ordering Forms

Ice ordering services for your booth can be arranged directly with the food and beverage team from The International Centre with:

Contact: Christal 905-678-5627, ccamayang@internationalcentre.com

Or, click here to download the ice ordering form

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can I move in earlier than the allocated time?
A. Unfortunately, we cannot have access to the hall before the beginning of move-in.

Q. How can I pick up my exhibitor badges?
A. All exhibitor badges can be picked up on site at the Backyard Living Expo/Maple Show Productions Show office during move-in. Don’t forget to submit your names by completing the Mandatory Exhibitor Form.

Q. Is booth cleaning available?
A. Yes, please consult the Booth Cleaning Form to order this service for your booth.

Q. Are there food concessions stands available?
A. Concession stand open to exhibitors after move-in begins. During the length of the show the concession stand will remain open until end of day.

Q. Can I move out the following day?
A. The show hall must be cleared out by 11:00pm on March 31st. Hall 5 has an early move-in with another show on April 1st.

Check List

Click here to download a pdf which is a checklist for a quick snap shot of important dates for submitting forms to the Backyard Living Expo management team and those dates to achieve the discounts set forth by the suppliers to maximize savings.

General Show Guidelines:

  • The use of nails, screws, or any material that can mark floors, walls, or the ceiling of the exhibit hall is prohibited.
  • The only tape exhibitors are allowed to use for securing carpet or material to the floor is double-sided cloth tape.
  • In order to maintain a professional image for the public attending the show, hand drawn signs of any nature are not permitted.
  • Exhibitors planning to use special equipment or construction techniques are urged to submit plans to show management well in advance to ensure compliance with all regulations.
  • Aisle space may not be used for exhibit purposes or for general solicitation of business. Distribution of literature or other exhibit material is only permitted within your exhibit area.
  • Audio-visual devices must not interfere with surrounding exhibitors.
    The use of stickers or helium balloons as giveaways and to decorate exhibits is absolutely forbidden.
  • Any part of the back of your display panels that are unfinished and are visible from the aisle must be finished by you. It is your responsibility to give it a finished look.
  • Out of respect for other exhibitors, excessive cutting of materials will not be permitted on the show floor. Please contact show management to make arrangements for a suitable location on-site.
  • Children under the age of 16 are not permitted on the show floor during move-in and move-out.
  • No exhibitor may sublet any portion of its allocated exhibit space to another company, supplier, and/or dealer without the express written consent of Maple Productions Ltd.
  • Please allow more visitors to stop and do business with you. Simply set back exhibit tables at least two feet from the aisle and open up your exhibit space so more attendees may access your exhibit materials, your literature, and you.

Additional Marketing Opportunities

Maple Show Productions, producers of the Backyard Living Expo, offers many opportunities for you to further your experience at the Expo. Some have additional costs, many are free.

Media & PR Form:

If the opportunity arises, the Backyard Living Expo would like to provide the media with information about your products and services. Please complete the media form to help us get the word out!

Media form

Show Guide Advertising:

Continue to get in front of your audience even after the Expo is over by advertising in the show guide.

Show Guide Specs


Advertise form