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February 4, 2020
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The Tower Garden

Would you like to grow your own vegetables but are limited on space?

The Tower Garden grows a wide variety of vegetables in a space that is less than nine square feet. It is a vertical growing system that enables everyone to grow amazing food all year round and doesn’t even require a green thumb!

Here’s how to use it. First you will need to choose and obtain your seeds. We recommend great growers like Kim from Hawthorn Farms LINK and the Bakers Rare Seed Company LINK from the USA. Both carry heirloom, organic, and rare seeds that are not available in a grocery store and can rarely be found at a market.

Next, you start the seeds which means, the seeds are placed into a growing cube and watered until they germinate. In this case the growing medium is rock wool and when the plant is approximately one to two inches tall it goes into the Tower Garden where it carries on growing to maturity. About a month later you will be harvesting your first crop. For my family of four, we seed approximately eight plants every two weeks and that keeps us constantly supplied with delicious greens all year long.

The Tower Garden system starts at $617 or $51.42/month plus tax and delivery.  This is far more economical than purchasing the same amount of greens from the grocery store with the added benefit of being organic! The system allows for 20 growing spots and everything needed to get growing indoors or out.

Our recommended setup is a Tower Garden with some add-ons which include; a tomato cage and lighting kit for winter and/or indoor growing; an extension kit which increases the total pods to 28 so there is no wasted space; and a roller dolly to make it more mobile.

At Home Organic Farms can help you get started to develop your Tower Garden growing system. We offer an instructional lesson in operations and maintenance, and provide starter seeds, plants and other growing products.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Tower Garden and how At Home Organic Farms can assist you in growing your own food, please contact us at 888-756-1738 or info@ahof.ca.

You can also visit us at www.ahof.ca and don’t forget to come see us at the Backyard living Expo!