Tried & Tested Backyard Games & Sports

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April 21, 2020
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Tried & Tested Backyard Games & Sports

With the onset of these unpredictable and unprecedented times, we have all had to alter our busy lives to stay in our homes.
It’s been a bittersweet journey filled with joys and frustrations – but the true Canadian explorer finds a way to break away from the monotony and be their creative self.
Today we bring to you sporting innovations that are making their way through Canada and for good reason.
These creative at-home sporting activities are certified by Decathlon Canada moms!


1. Soccer Mom 101 Backyard Kicks 

You can make a playground anywhere, regardless of the size of your space, small backyard or even your living room can work throw up this foldable GOAL post and you’re all set for the day. Practicing your scoring or goalkeeping skills with your little ones has never been easier. Caution – things might get competitive 🙂


2. Ping-Pong for Dinner  

Ping-pong is essentially an indoor sport but you definitely don’t need an official table to put on a good tournament. Transform your dining table with the help of a roll-net that attaches to any table surface. Now you can work on your kids’ coordination skills and keep the family fit without investing a lot of money.

3. The Underground Tony Hawk: Basement Skateboarding

Being stuck indoors with a skateboard can be frustrating for kids who are used to their local skate parks to hone and flaunt their mad skills. Help them think outside the box and look for some new surfaces that may be a good replacement. Does your building’s basement have cement floors? These can be a skateboarder haven and keep your kids safe without the danger of  cars or pedestrians getting in the way of your tiny Tony Hawks 🙂


4. Swish Swish: Backyard Basketball

Now is the best time to add a little polish to your kids’ shooting skills. Get hold of a basketball hoop for your backyard and you’re set for when school is back in and team try-outs are on the agenda again!

5. Hitting the right targets: Fun with Archery

Time to bring out your capes and horses! A bow and arrow usually bring to mind mythical worlds of heroes and damsels in distress, but you can make story time  more fun with a real archery session. Safety first though; thankfully there are no dragons here AND the Decathlon archery set has suction cup tip arrows that stick to the target board so you don’t have to worry about stray arrows!

6. Yoga and Meditation

Staying at home with the entire family can be taxing. Taking regular breaks and centring your body and mind are essential for both survival and sanity. So grab your yoga mat, put on some calming music, create a soothing environment, and just breathe. Meditation and yoga can bring out the best in you 🙂


7. Darts 

This arena is the easiest to set up, so head to your backyard or any open space and hang a dartboard on the wall. Get ready for an intense and highly competitive game of  aim You can even use this to decide who does the laundry and other chores!

8. Trampolining: Jump to your heart’s content

This is a great backyard sport that works out the whole body with all of its twisting and turning. Your heart rate will increase from all the bouncing (yay cardio) and also works your balance and coordination. This is one of the easiest ways to tire the kids out before bedtime and trust us – the trampoline is CRAZY FUN.


9. Badminton on the Go

Contrary to popular belief, Badminton does not require a lot of space; your backyard or your terrace might just be perfect to pop out an Easyset for a quick challenge. It packs up into a small case that can be stored away conveniently so that you can be sporty when you want to. It also avoids those pesky ground poles and nail hooks that you probably want to avoid in your beautiful home.


10. Bicycles, scooters and much more 

These never get old. Go back to the basics, with bikes, scooters, and Turnball kits just like generations have enjoyed :).  Hit up your backyard or your front porch; scooters especially don’t require much space and can be enjoyed while social distancing 🙂

What’s your favourite?!

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